Online Community Platform for Nonviolence


“The Art of Peace” is an interactive web platform which connects creators, managers and community actors working on peace actions. By means of a map, users are able to geolocate their actions.

It is also a documentary project shot in Mexico and USA, where we can see actions for peace and nonviolence that these individuals and collectives perform in their communities, evaluating the impact and proposing new alternatives.

Since when do we work?

Since February, 2017.

With what Organisms have we worked?

Secretaría de Cultura CDMX, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), Rostros contra el Feminicidio, CASA FARO Zapata, Homeboy Industries, Casa Barrio Tepito, Red de Espacios Culturales de Tepito.


Documentary “The Art of Peace”

This documentary shows the actions of peace carried out from different areas of Mexico ando other countries to mitigate violence suffered by the neighbours of these areas. This documentary has been successfully presented in cities such as Austin TX (USA), Acapulco, Mexico City and other.

Platform “The Art of Peace”

“The Art of Peace” platform is a community where users can add their actions of peace, set on a world map. By means of a easy form, the user captures the data related to the action and will be able to interact with other platform users.