For years we have been preparing for the annual congresses of CLAIP – Consejo Latinoamericano de Investigación para la Paz (Latin American Council for Peace Research). To this end, we facilitate the training of young promoters of peace and nonviolence with workshops and courses that cover all expenses of the participants through sponsorships.

For many years, the CLAIP Congress has had a different venue. The latest editions, for obvious reasons, are being online, but we, since 2016, remain focused on generating opportunities to disseminate the work of young promoters of peace and nonviolence, preferably originating from the red zones where they wish to carry out their work.

These trainings are what make up the Laboratorio Social de la Noviolencia (Social Laboratory of Nonviolence), a theoretical and practical training program in which students receive the necessary didactic materials to take the first step towards becoming promoters.


Creactivers is a free online platform aimed at artists, cultural promoters, creative activists and any person or collective with an interest in art and culture. Users, when registering, mark their location on a map, and can add actions and notes to show their work.

Creactivers stands out for:

  • Free registration for all users.
  • Does not store users’ private data.
  • Rewards system based on points, badges and ranks.
  • Advanced user search engine to find out the interests of each user.
  • Static mapping of users and actions.
  • Instant SEO positioning when publishing actions and notes.
  • Private messaging system between users.
  • Add friend system.
  • “Creac-TV” video channel, with introductory courses on nonviolence.
  • Materials download section.
  • Documentary “The Art of Peace” (by PhD. Alfonso Hernández, director of Global Unity – Sumak Kausay A.C.)
  • Donation system to support the project.

When did this project start?

February, 2017.

Which organizations have we worked with?

Secretaría de Cultura CDMX, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), Rostros contra el Feminicidio, CASA FARO Zapata, Homeboy Industries, Casa Barrio Tepito, Red de Espacios Culturales de Tepito.

«Escuela de Paz Tepito» («Peace School of Tepito») is a space for the promotion of a culture of peace in the neighborhood of Tepito in CDMX. We promote a model of integral education based on values, the promotion of non-violence and social reconstruction.

Our proposal assumes education in a healthy and pedagogical environment, hence the school is the engine of community change to create spaces for inclusive coexistence.

When did this project start?

September, 2012.

Which organizations have we worked with?

INJUVE, Appleton Foundation, Delegación Venustiano Carranza, ENTS-UNAM, CONACULTA, Red de Espacios Culturales de Tepito, Casa Barrio Tepito, Casa de Cultura Ramírez y Ramírez, etc.

Cultural promotion and events

The work of cultural promotion in Tepito begins with artistic workshops and artistic awareness, in order to explore creativity as a healing tool. We also create community murals, participatory and open to all neighbours, in representative locations, portraying iconic characters of the neighborhood.

We work on cultural events geared towards children and open to family participation to enhance intergenerational ties, social cohesion and the reappropriation of public spaces. These include the Children’s Festival, Peace Day Festival, Posadas, Day of the Dead, Capoeira de Barrio, etc.

In «Movimiento por la Tierra» («Movement for the Earth») we work for the conservation and care of the environment, the cultural development of society and the search for sustainable and harmonious living alternatives with nature.

Through art, sports and various cultural activities, we seek to communicate the knowledge necessary for the care of nature and generate community projects for social, cultural and environmental development.

When did this project start?

September, 2012.

Which organizations have we worked with?

Delegación Tláhuac, Chanti Ollin, Comisión de Recursos Naturales (CORENA), Instituto de la Juventud (INJUVE), Liga de Fútbol Sta. Catarina, etc.

Festival and workshops in the Sierra

The Festival por la Sierra, an initiative launched by Movement for the Earth, was held to inform about the urban impact of Casas Geo and to spread a culture of care for the environment through art, fun and healthy coexistence, thus reaching the very heart of the community of Santa Catrina, and involving artists and neighbors in the area.

In addition, activities were carried out to raise awareness among children about caring for the planet, through artistic recycling workshops, informative talks and clean-up days in the spaces used for the activities. In addition, the care of plants, animals and the management of organic and inorganic waste is encouraged.


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