Young People with Initiatives for a New Environmental Culture


In “Movement for the Earth” we work for the conservation and care for the environment, the cultural development of society and the search of sustainable life alternatives in harmony with nature.

By means of arts, sports and different cultural activities, we seek communicatin the necessary knowledge for the caring of nature and generate community projects for cultural, environmental and social development.

Since when do we work?

Since September, 2012.

With what Organisms have we worked?

Delegación Tláhuac, Chanti Ollin, Comisión de Recursos Naturales (CORENA), Instituto de la Juventud (INJUVE), Liga de Fútbol Sta. Catarina, etc.


Festival for the Sierra

The Festival for the Sierra, an initiative started by Movement for the Earth, is celebrated to inform about the urban impact of Casas Geo and spread the culture of environmental caring through art, amusement and healthy convivence, and thus reaching to the core of Saint Catherine community and involving artists and neighbours around.

Workshops for the Sierra

Activities to arouse awareness for the caring of the planet among children, by means of recycling workshops, informative speechs and cleanup days in the aspects used for the activities. Also, the caring for plants, animals and the organic inorganic residues management are promoted.