To develop actions of peace and projects where cohabitation and social coexistence are a necessity.
To live in a Mexico and a world free from violence, where differences are respected in a coexistence dynamic.
To promote nonviolence, fostering friendship, creativity, respect and mutual and collective construction.
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In Global Unity – Sumak Kausay, we start from Mahatma Gandhi’s educational and proactive philosophy, combining both academic labor with field work.

The Andean concept of “Sumak Kawsay” (“The good living” or “Life of Fulfilment”) crosses our own mind’s barriers to take on challenges without fear, in the firm belief that peace is not only possible, but necessary, the supreme right all human beings must claim.

As well as developing actions for non violence, we offer our services of courses, trainings, event coordination and production, workshops, artistic production and multimedia services for your business or company. Press here to learn more:

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Pueblo Culhuacan, Iztapalapa
09800 Mexico City, Mexico

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